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Below is a curated selection of our regional outcomes, media, and allies.


Intersecting Movements Resisting Authoritarianisms

Collating analysis of activists confronting the global authoritarian surge, this report compares right-wing regimes across contexts and the challenges of progressive and feminist movements, proposing strategies aimed at weaving together the threads of resistance. See More

Women Radically Transforming a World in Crisis

Collectively-produced framework for the Beijing+25 conference which unpacks neoliberal capitalism and climate change as central crises facing our planet, and lays out understandings for feminist resistance. Available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. See More

Cross-Regional 2019-09-29
Reimagining Regionalism

Five papers by leading African and Caribbean activist-intellectuals presenting progressive and feminist policy proposals around trade, climate, change, fiscal governance, agriculture, and debt. See More

Africa, Caribbean, Cross-Regional 2018-03-01
A Geopolitical Analysis of Financing for Development

Drawing from regional workshops convened in collaboration with autonomous South-based civil society, this paper analyses government positions and recommendations building towards the Third Conference on Financing for Development. See More

Reimagining Regional and Feminist Policies to Finance Socio-Economic Transformation (Convening Report)

A summary of our cross-regional convening elevating progressive financing policies from regions of the global South, in stark contrast to the corporatized Third Conference on Financing for Development. See More

Cross-Regional Commonalities and Ways Forward on the Post-2015 UN Agenda

Analysing and summarising nine regional workshops that took place in 2014 and 2015 towards redefining the global development paradigm, and decentralising the post-2015 sustainable development and financing for development processes. See More

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