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Gender and Trade Coalition Launches Explainer Series

23 April - 21 May, 2024

The Gender and Trade Coalition is launching a series of short, Q&A format ‘explainers’ unpacking key trade issues from a feminist perspective, produced by Regions Refocus. Each explainer is produced in collaboration with different members of the Coalition. Explainer topics include gender, migration, post-conflict recovery, and climate.

Explainer #1: Gender and Trade

April 23, 2024

How are gender and trade connected? Why is trade seen as a tool of gender equality? How has trade changed women’s role in the labor market? How does corporate capture of trade impact women? This explainer unpacks the ways that trade intersects with gender, ending with five strategic policy proposals that move towards gender-just trade.

Read the explainer here

Explainer #2: Post-Conflict Recovery and Trade

May 21, 2024

Does trade enhance post-conflict recovery? How do international financial institutions impede post-conflict government spending? How do trade and investment agreements exploit post-conflict economic opportunities? What is the role of the extractive sector in post-conflict trade and investment? This explainer highlights the complex ways trade influences post-conflict recovery, ending with five strategic policy proposals to harness trade as a tool that complements rather than counteracts post-conflict recovery of both economies and people.

Read the explainer here

New explainers will launch roughly every month. Check back soon for the next one!