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Below is a curated selection of our regional outcomes, media, and allies.


UN Mechanisms and Caste: Discrimination Based on Work and Descent

A matrix comparing and contrasting UN human rights guidelines, including the CRC, HRC, CESCR, CERD, and CEDAW, with existing policies on caste across South Asia. See More

Asia 2015-09-30
Regional Policy Positions: South Asian Government Positions on Financing for Development

This matrix compares the text of FfD3 and post-2015 draft documents with the negotiating positions of South Asian governments during these processes, simultaneously mapping where they are weaker, on par, or stronger. See More

Asia 2015-06-07
South Asia Sexuality Policy Matrix

This matrix tracks government positions across South Asia on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, violence, discrimination, HIV, comprehensive sexual education, sex work, and reproductive health. See More

Asia 2014-12-06
Advocacy Brief: Ensuring Women’s Rights and Advancing Gender Equality Through the ASEAN Economic Community:

Produced by WEAVE for the workshop "Strengthening Women’s Rights Advocacy in ASEAN," this brief asserts the deep connection between gender and macroeconomic policy and delivers recommendations that push against the dominant neoliberal framework. See More

Asia 2017-11-08
South Asian Policies on Caste

By comparing the existing policies of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, this document maps progress towards eliminating caste discrimination in South Asia and provides recommendations towards this end. See More

Asia 2015-09-20
Regional Policy Positions: South Asian Governments Post-2015 Positions on Sexuality and Structural Change

Tracking South Asian government negotiating positions on sexuality and reproduction in regional and global policy processes, this matrix maps where they were weaker, on par, or stronger than the outcome documents See More

Asia 2014-12-06
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Asia Dalit Rights Forum

Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF) advocates for human rights of the communities discriminated based on work and descent in Asia, and also extends solidarity to Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The YP Foundation

A feminist youth-led and -run organization in India that promotes, protects and advances young people’s human rights.

Weaving Women's Voices in Southeast Asia

Weaving Women's Voices in Southeast Asia (WEAVE) is a regional group of women’s organizations and advocates working at the national level in six ASEAN countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand. WEAVE advocates for women’s rights issues in ASEAN across all three pillars, particularly as related to gender equality, women’s political participation, violence against women, trafficking, and access to justice, among other women’s issues including in the context of conflict situations and peace processes. WEAVE also aims to enable and facilitate meaningful and informed participation of women in the ASEAN processes and mechanisms.

Women and Media Collective

Formed by a group of Sri Lankan feminists in 1984, Women and Media Collective's mission is to bring about a transformative change, based on feminist principals, within a rights framework, through media, advocacy, research and coalition building, for an inclusive, equal and non discriminatory society that is free from violence and militarisation.